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What is NutriFit24 Body Challenge?

Healthy Active Lifestyle

Don't stop until you’re proud!

Be part of our amazing community


Our challenges aim to help you build healthy eating and sports habits.

The packages we offer are a combination of products, services and a positive community

in which you will find motivation and support.



We started in Greece and now we can bring our services in over 90 countries.


Our challenges are created to help you build healthier habits while being surrounded by amazing,

motivating people from around the world.


If you want to learn more, fill out our form to set up a FREE consultation with one of our



All challenges include:


Personal Consultant to be with you every step of the way

Healthy breakfast

Meal plan directions

Home or group workouts

Support group chat


Monthly/Daily Planners


*Challenge availability and the products included in each package may vary based on your country.*