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What is NutriFit24 Body Challenge?

Healthy Active Lifestyle | The Health Marathon

Don't stop until you’re proud!

Be part of our amazing community.


Our Health Marathon | Challenges aim to help you build healthy eating and sports habits.

The Health Marathon we offer are a combination of products, services and a positive community

in which you will find motivation and support.



We started in Greece and now we can bring our services in over 95 countries.


Our programs are created to help you build healthier habits while being surrounded by amazing,

motivating people from around the world.


If you want to learn more, fill out our form to set up a FREE consultation with one of our



All Health Marathons | Challenges include:


Personal Consultant to be with you every step of the way

Healthy Breakfast

Meal Plan Directions

Home or Group Workouts

Support Group Chat

Healthy Cooking Recipes

Monthly/Daily Planners


*Challenge availability and the products included in each package may vary based on your country.*


The Online Health Marathon is a new format for helping you achieve your goals and obtaining the best results.  

✅ Improve nutritional habits 

✅ Support weight management 

✅ Body composition monitoring 


Among the Marathon’s benefits are the continued support of your peers and a healthy competitive spirit to help you obtain the best results.  

Changing your eating habits, managing your weight and improving your healthy habits is much easier with a team and a coach than going it alone!


Are You Ready To Have Your Best Transformation Yet?

This 10-Day Challenge will give you all the tools you need to achieve your best overall transformation.

It is perfect for all fitness levels. And now we have different levels so you can continue challenging yourself month after month! 

And, did we mention there will be great rewards distributed between to the best 3 transformations?


Sonia Hristova



Love helping people get into their best shape of their lives, physically and mentally. Working as a ski instructor and helping my husband with our  Herbalife business has given me more time to develop even more skills, bringing small communities together. 

Jan Charalambidis



I always loved sports and being in a competitive environment. Started on the track when I as 6 years old and since then developed a passion for sports, fitness and helping others achieve their goals. Working as an independent Herbalife coach has opened my eyes to endless possibilities. 



During registration, first choose the correct country from the right upper corner, then the form will ask for the SPONSOR ID which is: G7021087


Whatever you need during your registration

do not hesitate in contacting us immediately at:

+359 897553784

and one of my partners is ready to help you get registered properly!


Getting Here:

Next to Teatralna Metro Station (line 3), and just 3 minutes walk form our beautiful park Zaimov.

Our Address:

ul. Varbitsa 6

Sofia 1504, Bulgaria


+359 (0) 89 755 3784

+359 (0) 89 755 6100

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Sonia & Jan

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