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Hi there.

I remember when we started; Only 18 Years ago when at the time Sonia had just finished her restoration degree in Athens, working as a restaurateur in a museum, myself was a full time carpenter in a factory, which took most of my time, working the whole day, including Saturday's over 10 hours shifts, not to mention commute time that was over 3 additional hours every day.


We weren't doing bad financially but we definitely wanted a better lifestyle.  While Sonia was working for the Greek Archeological Museum in Athens she was let go, as the project came to it's end, was 7 months pregnant with our son, Theodor-Marcus and was thinking for our future.  We would end up having to find a temporary (not too fulfilling) side job to pay the bills.

Sonia has always been a go getter and looking to do things to better ourselves. Long story short we found the Herbalife Opportunity and went full force with no excuses since day one. I still remember our excitement when we got our first check; which might not have been a lot but to us meant the opening doors of a new life.

Herbalife can be very rewarding but to us represents more than only the money you can make; It represents lives changed around the world. We are building a solid business, we spend our days together, work together but most importantly we have the time. Health & Time, what a combination!

"Remember, if you don't go after your dreams you'll end up working for someone else who did!"

Sonia  & Jan

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